To do things that are worthwhile, to capture a vision fair, and a chapter in service to all mankind–all are reasons for the chartering of the Sigma Omega Omega Chapter. Alpha Kappa Alpha women have always dared to venture forth, to explore their talents, and bring greater laurels to Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority itself. Three women, Nellie Hudson, Sharon Dewberry, and Marracia Mitchell, founded the Emerald Ladies interest group. The task of establishing a new graduate chapter was not and is not easy, but these three members set a goal of establishing a new chapter and remained steadfast to it.

The Emerald Ladies interest group was initially formed in September 1988 by a group of graduate members living in and around the Douglasville community. The Emerald Ladies had been successful in reclaiming 31 graduate members. Having made a strong commitment to our sorority and its endeavors and being increasingly aware of the complexity of women’s problems, we feel called upon to form ourselves in such an organization to continue to strive toward achieving the goals of our sorority. Through various traditional programs, it is our intention to implement programs that enhance the growth and development of a proud and successful Black community in the Douglas County area.


In December 1990, Sigma Omega Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., was chartered to provide service to residents of Douglas County, Georgia. With its chartering, Sigma Omega Omega became the first black Greek organization in Douglas County.


Chartering Officers

Marracia Mitchell

Vice President
Nellie Hudson

Karen Richardson

Assistant Secretary
Cathy House

Javanese Cleveland

Assistant Treasurer
Dianne Ravenell

Ivy Leaf Reporter
Louise Palmer

Sharon Dewberry

Courtesy Chairman
Shekita McCrary

Chartering Members

Jacqueline Adams
Linda Calloway
Patricia Chishlom
Audrey Daniel
Wanda Dorsey
Jacqueline Greene
Chandra Jacobs
Tracy McKether
Marcia Little
Kay Merriweather
Lucy Ogbomah
Sylvia Randall
Diann Roberts
Georgetta Royals
Algina Sanford
Francis Scott
Georgia Thomas